We are living in 3D- the external world

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We are living in 3D – the external world. At the same time, we are living with three dragons (3D), our earth dragon, water dragon and fire dragon. When we remember ourselves in the image of these three dragons, we are remembering our natural selves.

This first chakra (earth element energy) is our sense of belonging and – when not tended to – can be a source of grave anxiety. The second chakra (water element energy) is our ability to handle change and – when left untended – can be a potent source of overwhelm. The third chakra (fire element energy) is our sense of determination. When ignored and untended this energy is a source or burnout. 

These uncomfortable feeling states indicate that our dragon is being neglected and in need of our attention.

Nature’s Narrative’s: Well-Being in Body, Speech & Mind is a primer to guide us into the practice of meeting with our dragon. At Dragons Nest Academy we work carefully in a supportive environment with directed (conscious) attention in the practice of all six of our (embodied) senses. This is all done in order to enter into dynamic engagement with our dragon, to meet her (earth module), play with her (water module) and to ride with her energy (fire module). 

Each of us can learn – through a full sensory immersion – how to consciously engage with ourselves (our dragon) in ways that benefit us all. 

To face your dragon is to face your true nature. And when you meet your true nature, you are meeting the divine. Your body is your vehicle. Your vehicle is your dragon.

Working thru these modules you will find tools to address anxiety (Earth element energy as found at your first chakra), overwhelm (Water element energy as found at your second chakra or sacral area) and burnout (Fire element as found at your third chakra or solar plexus).

Chakra through the millennia have been envisioned as wheels of energy.  These ‘wheels of energy’ are also envisioned as mandala. At DNA we envision each chakra not only as a mandala, but also as a nest – a ‘place’- we can inhabit. Our most important task is to build our nest (Earth Module) where we practice. Our nest is a place (inner as well as outer) where we can rest, observe, investigate, play and rejuvenate. 

This act of investigation is important because powerful forces reside at these energetic centers. Some cultures call her Kundalini. 

Carl Jung calls her the dragon. The dragon is feminine.

The divine nature of our encounter with the dragon has been applauded and revered in the east where the dragon is considered a powerful energy for vitality and union (e.g., Qi Gong). 

In the West the dragon has been slain as the enemy of ‘man’ (think Saint George and the dragon) and denigrated as the serpent friend of women (Garden of Eden).

The dragon is a manifestation of the divine feminine. She is a source of profound wisdom. She is who you are (man/woman – however you gender identify) on a divine level (prajnaparamita).  At DNA you 1) become conscious of chthonic forces within you, 2) learn to engage consciously and constructively with these forces for your good and the good of all. 

Your dragon is the divine urge to realize yourself by meeting, greeting and working with your chthonic, primitive energy states. 

To face your true nature is to face your dragon.  To learn to be with her and to love her.  To appreciate her.  To know that she is always here for you. 

As human being we are biological organisms. Anxiety, overwhelm and burnout constitute a natural response to external circumstances. These feeling state are a part of the human condition that serve to ‘protect’ us.

Yet this ‘protection’ can block vitality and joy.

While at Dragons Nest Academy and using the text of Nature’s Narrative: Well-Being in Body, Speech & Mind as a guide, we learn to manage our energies in ways that benefit ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities.

To find the available modules, visits Dragon’s Nest Academy and view ‘All Courses’. This is your portal to Dragons Nest Academy (DNA) where you will find the Earth and Water Module as well as a free Earth and Water Offerings to give you a sense of what to expect. 
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