The View is Grand

Yee-ha!  The heat and humidity of August has broken and the cooler climes of September are upon us.

As I write this we are just hours away from the anniversary of the 9/11 event in America.  I am sure that each one of us who was old enough to walk has a clear memory of that day. Perhaps we can take just a few moments to drop into our heart space as we reflect on the event – the lives lost and the effect the devastation has had on so many people around the planet.

I am heartened by the work that continues at Nature’s Narrative.  Heartened to feel that the world may benefit from what each of us has to offer in each of our own ways.
Let me fill you in on developments at NN.

1) The Nest at NaturesNarrative (our school) is coming together nicely and I want to shout out thank you thank you thank you to the women I am working with across the globe.

The Earth Module (Ground & Nourish) is complete and the next two (Water and Fire) will be up in the next week or so.  The launch for our school – The Nest at Naturesnarrative – is set for October. Rest assured you will be among the first to know when I set the date.

I so appreciate you hanging in there with me. This is such a journey!
2) Next, solar power is becoming a reality at Dragon’s Nest Sanctuary!  This is so exciting as this is another manifestation of everything that the Nest and Nature’s Narrative stands for and supports – our alignment with nature – both inside and outside ourselves.

I know of others who are looking to put in solar panels (you know who your are!). It really does not have to be a big deal.  Look around for what is happening in your town or your community and start asking questions.  Companies are happy to show you how much money you will be saving. They will work with you.

You don’t have to go 100% solar either.  You can use solar to supplement your existing energy needs and if you can connect into your community power grid you can earn back money because solar may augment your energy footprint and generate a surplus.
Start the process by asking questions. Start a conversation.

Going solar is a wonderful way to use your money and your resources in positive ways that help evolving businesses to support us and our loved ones (not only human!). You feel good. You are doing good. The planet feels good. And you are doing good for your community. Start a solar movement.  Talk to your neighbors.

Technology for solar has been improving in leaps and bounds.  When I first discussed solar two years ago with my electrical engineer (Mr. T is the bomb) there were issues with batteries and storage – no longer!  

We even have a ‘Solar City’ on Samui where the homes are entirely powered but the sun’s energy.

Such a lovely sentence to be able to write.

So give it a think!  And if you are interested in how sustainability and Nature’s Narrative are connected please read about it here.

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This image was taken when I visited the Grand Canyon with a dear friend (hugs honey!). Think of yourself in his paws. The view is grand; solar energy, botanical oils, bioenergetics, mindfulness practice, the school at Nature’s Narrative (The Nest) and contemplative inquiry – all at our finger tips. 

We have so much to look forward to as well as much to remember.  This is all good work. 

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