The Dragon’s Nest Academy is Now Online

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May this year be where you find yourself at the center of your world, where you greet your true nature with warmth, love and compassion in order to revel and reveal the powers that greet you here, right where you are – at your center, at your nest.  

May you demonstrate love, kindness and consideration for yourself, so that others can do the same for you.

And Dragons Nest Academy is now on-line!

I thought I would be designing just one course. Then that course developed into three courses and then there were three free offerings and then the project became a whole school. As DNA began to manifest the dragon became more and more prominent through her healing presence (think caduceus and DNA helix).

Earth Module (drum roll!) – the first module in Dragons Nest Academy – is up and ready for registration.

This two-week course uses mandala (sight), mantra (hearing), botanical oils (scent/taste), mudra (touch), meditation (intuition), critical thinking as well as character and attitude cultivation to ground and nourish (downloads available). 

We work with our root chakra (Earth Element energy manifests in your body through the root chakra) by using daily mindfulness practice and journaling. All of this is accomplished with the daily, directed use of botanical oils. This Earth Module (Earth Element chapter of Nature’s Narrative: Well-Being in Body, Speech & Mind) involves the use of vetiver, sandalwood, ginger, cedarwood, ylang-ylang and clove.

Downloads from Nature’s Narrative: Well-Being in Body, Speech & Mind are provided in the course modules. 

If you prefer a book format, go ahead and buy the book from naturesnarrative. com > shop and I will share a coupon with you so that when you register for the Earth Module you will receive 40USD (cost of the book) off the purchase of the course.

To find the Earth Module, go to and click on ‘Courses’. This is your portal to Dragons Nest Academy (DNA) where you will find the Earth Module as well as a free Earth Offering to give you a sense of what to expect. 

Get ready to nest!  For it is at your nest that you prepare to meet your dragon. She is waiting for you. She has always been here. She is both sensitive and strong, powerful and kind. 

You are coming face to face with your own power, with your female (yes, the dragon is female) energy and your reason for being on this planet.

Please email me with any questions you may have!

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