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Dragons Work: Ground & Nourish

Holy Dragon Energy Batman! Have you checked out my Dragon’s Work: Ground & Nourish Course Launched this year? This is so exciting! So many wonderful openings and realizations, integrations and harmonizations, coincidences, magic and convergences have been flowing in, around and through me these past few weeks. Truly, this process of developing an on-line school,

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Understand What You're Feeling Through Sensual Practice which concerns me Barbara Seie Nature's Narrative

Understanding What You’re Feeling through Sensual Practice

Learn how to engage in each daily task as a means to gain balance and equanimity. Every moment is an opportunity for self care and kindness in the midst of stressful and chaotic times. Use the practice in this episode at work, use with family, use with colleagues and anyone close to you, including yourself! Learn to break out of autopilot to understand what you are feeling.

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