Spring is making herself known.

Spring is making herself known. And for most of us we are beginning to consider the possibility of coming out of our cocoons.

How shall we live? What shall we find?

A while ago I began teaching the practicum for MMTCP and covid was gaining traction. I have passed some serious challenges. What have we learned?

Our lives have become more public and at the same time, more intimate. Our vulnerabilities and our interdependence are on display in ways that we never could have imagined just a few years ago.

As we step into our post covid world – how can we live in freedom and authenticity? To support you in this work click here to listen to the podcast – ‘Finding Freedom’.

I have been working with coriander (above is an image of coriander taken from the Healing Oil Collective) over these past two weeks. Coriander is found in Space Chakra Blend.

Recipes for blends (bath, body and diffuser) as well as explanations for practice are found In Nature’s Narrative: Well-Being in Body, Speech & Mind (click here).

Energetically, space element operates through the fifth chakra located at the throat. This is where we work with our ability to speak the truth; with decision-making, meditation and imagination – which is an interesting presentation because most people don’t associate imagination with mindfulness or meditation practice.

People think we are not supposed to be thinking about anything when we meditate – right?

But that is not true. All sorts of notions and ideas bubble up in mindfulness practice. The question then becomes – how do I relate to these (sometimes pleasurable, sometimes uncomfortable) sensations, emotions and thoughts?

When we sit with ourselves with patience – amidst observation as well as a sense of wonder and compassion – there arises the discovery of space – a space that exists between our thoughts, feelings and sensations.

Discovering this space within us – feeling it, recognizing it and dwelling in it – enables us to make room for our imagination so that we can envision what is true for us. At the same time, we begin to find freedom in our daily lives by making conscious and informed decisions based on what we know is true for us.

As we stabilize our awareness of this space between our feelings, emotions and thoughts (through observation and with no judgement), we begin to consider;

Who is this person called ‘I’?

Is there a person within me yearning to be free?

In the podcast ‘Finding Freedom‘ I call this place of deliberation a space for freedom, non-duality and liberation.

Coriander can steady us in this process of finding freedom by helping us to become aware of when we are (and when are not) in our truth. The mantra that encapsulates the energetics of coriander is on the reverse of the mandala essence card.

For coriander the mantra is ‘Authentic Flow’.

Remembering this affirmation throughout the day (and/or using the botanical) helps us to become aware of where and when we are in authentic flow with ourselves.

With practice we can begin to consciously build these moments of authenticity into our lives.

This envisioning of authenticity is where imagination is useful because imagination encourages us to use a light touch. There is a certain playfulness in this practice of freedom and authenticity that nature can support energetically through the use of botanicals.

No need for words.

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