Self-Care: what it means to you is important

There is a lot more to self care than I realised!  

Hit comment below and tell me what self-care means to you and what self care actually looks like in your day..  What do you do in your daily life that you consider to be self care?  

For some of us self care means bathing or tending to our appearance. But is that all there is to self care?

What I am learning is this; take two people engaging in the same activity, say – eating an orange,  One person is practicing self care, the other is not. What is the difference?

The difference is frame of mind.

One person is eating an orange because they are hungry.  Eating the orange is a means to an end – to stop being hungry. And that’s fine!  But self care means more than this.

To engage in self care is to have a self care frame of mind.  When you are eating an orange and you are in an attitude of self care, eating the fruit is an end in itself. You are eating the orange – not because you’re hungry (though that may indeed be the case) –  but because you enjoy the process itself.

To be in the frame of mind of self care means that you are directing your attention toward your six senses (your own embodiment) and you are taking the time to appreciate the process of eating the orange. You are wholly involved in what the orange feels like, tastes like, smells like.  You are deeply immersed in that orange. Nothing exists for you at this moment except this activity. You are wholly immersed in the act of eating this orange.

By shifting your focus away from what lies outside the activity of eating the fruit (filling your belly or getting out the door) to the process itself (simply this moment), you are able to enter the practice of self care.

In a self care frame of mind, you are eating the orange for the pure joy of eating the fruit, nothing more (and nothing less). You are slowing down into the process – how this fruit tastes, smells, looks, the texture. 

And you are taking your time. It may amount to just these three minutes, but for these three minutes you are wholly immersed.

In self care practice it looks (from the outside) as though you are just eating an orange, but (from the inside) there is nothing in the world more valuable in these few moments than eating that orange in this moment.

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