Right Livelihood

Right livelihood is a notion that does not exist in a vacuum, but is just one aspect of what the Buddha called the Eight-Fold Path (right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration, right view and right resolve)

Mindfulness, like right livelihood, is actually just one part of an entire system designed to support well-being in our daily lives. From this perspective, if you want to engage in well-being on a daily basis, you have a number of avenues to inform your approach. Your livelihood and your mindfulness practice are just the beginning as you embark on this path of integration.

Integrating well-being into our lives is a process of taking the ‘seat’ of our mindfulness practice off the cushion and into our daily lives. Overwhelm is fertile ground for practice.All of us can become overwhelmed by emotions, responsibilities, encounters, and expectations (others’ as well as our own) – especially in these pandemic times.  To help us out (could the three day conference have had anything to do with this?!) have a look and click on the blog post above. There is a podcast as well.

This is a good practice whether you have a practice in place or are just starting out- check out my How To Center Yourself in Times of Overwhelm blog post!

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