Our human nature is an affinity that we all share!

Whether we are women or men, gay or straight, young or old, Japanese or Chinese, white or black – our human nature is an affinity that we all share and that we share with nature herself.

We are not alone!

And with that in mind I want to get to know more about what concerns each of you. When we set our intention on well-being – and this is the mission of Nature’s Narrative – are there any specific concerns or interests you may have?

Are there specific emotions you would like to explore (just post a comment below) in order to navigate your way more fruitfully with balance and equanimity? 

Would you like more information on the energetics of botanical oils?  While I am not involved in the business aspects of essential oils I am deeply immersed in the bioenergetics of plant oils and how these botanicals support well-being. Of late I have had great success with acupressure points and a Digest Blend I formulated a couple of days ago (ginger and fennel, coriander and lemongrass).

Are you interested in daily well-being rituals (massage, stretching, acupressure, diet)? Are there specific issues that you would like addressed; for example anger, self care, addiction, fear, limiting beliefs, anxiety, mindful communication?  

Bring it on!  

Would you like me to share more about the contents of the book – Nature’s Narrative: Well-Being in Body, Speech & Mind? 

Would you like to know more about books and other media sources that can help you on your journey?

Would you like to know more about me personally?

Just let me know! If my practice has taught me anything at all,  it is to be open – and ever opening – onto the dynamics of world and the concerns of others.

Thank you deeply for your conscious intention to stay with us on the path of well-being through cultivation and self-knowledge.  

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