Mother Earth: The most important client you will ever have

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Make sure you are enjoying the change of temperature, the turning of the leaves and the change of light (more orange and less yellow – almost amber) that bathes you as you walk through the beauty of nature that reconnects you with Mother Earth and with yourself.

 My new puppy (Bindhi) is helping me in that department. 

Call it an appointment!  And follow through as you would with an important client.

Mother Nature is the most important client you will ever have.

I am moving into retreat mode for the last two months of the year. I hope that these posts have been a reminder for you to take care of yourself (self-care), to take time for yourself (mindfulness) and to manage skillfully (nap anyone?) the changes that all of us – and the planet – are undergoing.

During this past year I have graduated from the MMTCP two-year training program (with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield), and from two years of study with the Healing Oil Collective and Aroma Point Mastery (Tiffany Carole) as well as received attunement to work with Reiki  – Level One and Level Two – in Japan.  

Currently, I am exploring Dragon’s Way Qigong with Pirjo Kemppainen.

Before I go I want to leave you with a meditation that I recorded (in English). This is a meditation using a body scan that will serve to ground you in the most basic of techniques to develop your mindfulness/meditation practice. 

If we do loose touch you can always find me via  instagramFacebookPinterestSoundcloudTeachable and of course

Developing mindfulness practice is at the very core of Nature’s Narrative. The reason for this is because turning inward enables you to encounter your dragon – your own generous, precious, and vital force that is at one with the cosmos. 

Why dragons? Because dragons are the embodiment of kundalini energy.

Kunda means cauldron/pot and refers to the pelvic bucket. Lini refers to the power of the feminine.  Kundalini is imaged as the vital force (also called chi or ki) that lies coiled (ready to move!) in your pelvis. 

Kundalini energy is feminine – procreative and powerful – and is often imaged in the East as a dragon.

Getting in touch with your dragon – accessing vitality and joy as well as your interconnectivity with nature and elemental forces (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space and Conscious) is Dragons Work.  

Dragons Work is the purpose for Dragon’s Nest Academy (DNA) and the reason for Dragons Nest Sanctuary.

The picture above was taken in the process of building out Fire Element in the Element Garden at Dragons Nest Sanctuary.  The garden is now finished.  Shawn Mayes and his crew built out the mandala seats not only for Fire, but also for Earth, Water (Lotus Pond) Air, and Space. 

Currently there is a kadai at the center of the Fire Element in order to celebrate and contemplate fire energy.

 May we gather round one day to celebrate the fires of life, love and living!

As coursework and practices mature I look forward to offering retreats for practitioners, seekers and fellow adventurers.  

Be well dear hearts. I am always here.

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