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If you are going to engage with yourself and world in ways that benefit both you and others the first place to start is with your home. For some of us that means our own body – for others that means the place you live – whether this be an apartment, house or something in between.

Wherever you find your ground, start where you are.

Look at your walls. Understand the materials that make up your walls Are these walls strong or fragile? Porous? Does sound travel easily through your walls? In Japan our walls are paper thin. I can push a pin into my wall with my little finger.

The nature of your walls and floors determines what materials you can use to dress them up or down. Do you want to soften your walls or make them stronger? Do you want your walls to keep people out or support those on the inside?

What do you want to change?

If you want to soften the atmosphere in your room, try using paper. You can write, cut or create what is going on inside. Understand what you yearn for and know what you are grateful to have.

If you want a different look for your tables and chairs you might look toward nature. Clay and tree limbs, wood and paper. Silk. Cotton. Blends are an option. Think about your materials. Find a friend to support you on this adventure. You may find you carry more than you know.

With Mindfulness Nothing is Off the Path.

How do the materials in your home feel on your skin – clothes? Fabric on sofas and chairs, sheets, throws, blankets and towels? In your mouth (utensils)? in your hands (bowls, soap, razors, brushes, combs, pots and pans)? Spend time with this investigation. Settle yourself into your own personal territory. Linger here. How fat do you want your pillows? How soft? I use buckwheat hulls in some of my home pillows so that I have choices when I relax.

Do a bit of research into relaxation and understand what exactly helps you to relax in your home. Engage all your senses with this endeavor. To rest well is to experience a dynamic engagement with vitality.

You are the Genie and This Is Your Bottle.

Understand your relationship with color. Spend some time on this and enjoy the process. Rich saturated color? Pastels? Flip through an art book. Meander through mood boards on Pinterest. Peruse on-line catalogues – not with an eye to buy but with an eye on yourself.

Observe how you react to different presentations, different scenarios and different palettes. Start this inner process by cutting out these images and/or reproducing these images in a folder of your own.

Make it a point to establish an understanding of what it looks like to be you.

Where do you connect clearly and unequivocally with the outside in ways that make you happy? The answer to this question has nothing to do with money. This folder you are creating is a means for you to understand what you look like on the page. Draw, cut, color, paste. Don’t make this too complicated. Start by dropping images into an accordion file.

Move From the Inside Out.

This process is about integration – not acquisition. Learning about yourself from the inside out allows you to open onto your world with authenticity. When you know what you like, you know what works for you and you know what brings joy and meaning into your life. No judgement. No blame, It is what it is. Stay with this. Get comfortable with the stability and reliability that this ‘knowing your ground’ provides.

When you have settled onto something you know to be true for yourself – no matter how insignificant that may appear – get in touch with that feeling of reliability that this sensation produces in you.

Perhaps your floor is wood? Bamboo? Concrete or grass? Are you in a tree house or in a house boat? The walls – are they soft to touch? Gleaming black or pockmarked rock on the inside of a cave? Pillows? Carpets? None needed?

Do not hustle this project into being. Align yourself from the inside by taking the time to realise how and where you live from the inside out. Claim your ground with authenticity and you bear your being well.

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