How to Use the Book: Nature’s Narrative

Nature’s Narrative is now available for purchase ( and readers are asking for guidance as to how to use the text.  It’s a curious book – not really a novel, neither is it a work of non-fiction and not really a self-help book either.

You might think of Nature’s Narrative as a wise friend.  Nature Narrative is a voice – an intuition and a guide – and you can turn to these pages whenever you are seeking insight, guidance or support.   Learning how to work with the six elements – to listen to the narrative of your natural self – can happen at any time, anywhere.

You might keep a copy of the book by the side of your bed, at your meditation space, or near your favorite reading chair.  Keep it in your car if you are driving a long commute.  In your desk drawer. Keep the text wherever you can spend time alone with yourself. 

When you feel the need for direction, or if you are curious and seeking clarity about how you can engage with what is happening in your life in ways that are productive and empowering – open the pages of this book.

If you are anxious, ill at ease, tired or bored, stressed out, happy or grateful – whatever state you find yourself in – first take a moment to calm your mind and body.  This calming (focusing on your breath, dropping into your body and allowing the ‘noise’ to settle) enables you to connect with your intuition.

When you are ready – open the book at random and allow your gaze to fall wherever you feel drawn. 

Perhaps today you feel drawn to visuals – enter the text via one of the six-element mandala and choose one to work with.  You are entering an element chapter through the appeal of one of the element mandalas.

If you are using botanical oils you may allow your experience of a single oil to draw you into a chapter where you can begin with 1) an element meditation (sitting) or 2) an Ah! This Body meditation (movement).  To do this, look at the list of single oils at the end of each chapter. When you are finished with your practice sequence you may choose to read a few paragraphs (sentences, or words) on character, attitude and/or thinking.

Mudra is another direction.  As you settle your mind and body, you may find that a particular mudra is manifesting for you and that mudra then draws you into an element practice or element reading for inspiration and guidance.

Trust that wherever you are drawn is what you need to hear and experience at that moment.  Read on as far as you feel is necessary. Perhaps you read a couple of words in the page, one sentence or a paragraph or a whole chapter.  Perhaps you move into an element meditation based on the sentence you have just read.

You may be drawn to a diffuser blend because from your own experience you know that vetiver would be helpful for you at this moment or because you are simply aware that you need grounding. With this in mind, you may read the section on character and mind in the Earth Chapter (where vetiver figures prominently).  As you make room for your grounding practice you may read the text with an oil recipe from the Earth Chapter filling your room from the diffuser.

If you are at your meditation seat, you may use the text to uncover which element would be helpful for you to work with or to establish which chakra, character aspect, attitude or thinking is asking for your attention.

Perhaps you aware that you are being challenged by changes in your life at this moment. Water Chapter is for you. Is compassion a direction you want to pursue?  Air Element will speak to you. 

Use the text to help you gain clarity as to what direction your well-being practice can take.

Relax into your six-element well-being practice. You are getting in touch with parts of yourself you may never knew existed.  As you enter the realm of intuition (Conscious Element) – the voices of your higher self are become more apparent. These realms are here (in so many forms!) to guide you toward your highest passion and purpose.

Think of this process as similar to taking a walk in nature.  You never know what you will encounter: animals, birds, rocks, plants, trees, dirt and sky – these are all present (whether you see them or not) and each manifests for you at its own pace and in its own time. 

This process of manifestation is also true for yourself.  You are exploring your own self nature.

As human beings our task is to be open and receptive and to respond with kindness and curiosity.  With Nature’s Narrative at your side and with practice, you can engage with the practice of this call and response in the safety and privacy of your own home.  

Your practice is for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Take what you read into your day (or night).  Use this inner guidance you are developing through listening consciously and purposefully to Nature’s Narrative in order to work through whatever ‘obstacles’ or challenges present themselves to you during the course of your day (or night). 

Build on your insights and – above all – enjoy the process.  It’s called life. We are learning to engage skillfully with evolution and growth.

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