Harmonics: A Palpable Energy

I hope that you are doing well while managing the changes that are continuously being presented to us.

I would like to share a few techniques to support well-being in addition to the six element practice in Nature’s Narrative.  

At the same time, the book is being purchased from our NN website and I am receiving inquires about how to use the text from individuals who are using the book in their homes.

To read more about how to use the text please click here to receive pointers and suggestions as to how to enter the text in dynamic ways that allow you to work synergistically.

I keep the book beside my meditation seat and use it intuitively, allowing myself to trust that wherever and whenever I open the page – something will be of help to me.

If you would like to see how this approach is developing you can have a look at Nature’s Narrative Facebook page where I have begun posting what I find. Please add your own discoveries and share with us the parts of the text you find meaningful and/or instructive.

Having a dynamic dialogue with Nature’s Narrative has broadened my approach to my own practice.  For the past few days I have been listening to a series of chants that I recently discovered.  My practice this week has included waking up and bringing my coffee onto the living room floor where I sit in the sun and listen to the first three (or more!) of the chants found here.

The first time I heard these I was in tears (the third one did me in).  There is something about the harmonics that brings a palpable energy into my body (a tingling sensation).  I wonder it you might feel the same.

Give it a try and see where this practice takes you.

For those of you with children, I noticed in the comments that mothers have been waking their little ones in the morning while playing the recording in the background.  This has provided a peaceful and calm transition from sleep to waking – and not just for children!

The last piece I want to share with you is a remarkable film by Freddy Silva that I found on Gaia.  He is an interesting man – a spiritual traveler – whom I hope to meet one day. Perhaps you will join me.

As we are all involved in creating sacred space for ourselves and our loved ones (and by sacred I mean skilful, compassionate and up-lifting) this film on temple making may prove useful.

As I write this it is Earth Day and the image above (provided by Heather Dettmann) is to mark this occasion with gratitude. You are seeing the mandala from Earth Chapter embedded in the landscape.  

Our earth is under tremendous stress and it is we who have put her there – so it is only fair that we get her out.  Our lives and the lives of our children depend upon it.

With earth to guide us we can all realise moments of peace and beauty.

I encourage you with all my heart – discover these moments for yourself and in your own home.  Your home is your temple. 

Your body is also your temple. You are adorned with six sensory gates (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, touch and intuition). Just as temples have entrances, your body has six sensory gates.  Use these gates wisely and with skill.  For example, I subscribe to Gaia (this channel has been called the Netflix of spirituality), meditation music channels (U-tube) as well as Buddhist publications (Tricycle and Lion’s Roar). 

Mind your gates! 

Make decisions for yourself and for your loved ones about what (and how much) media is enough, how much is too much and what is just not ok (too much news). Your attention is precious and potent – cherish it.

Cultivate your portals.

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