Give yourself permission to feel what you are feeling –  completely.  

We are moving thorough so much.  With so much time spent at home I have had to confront fear, insecurity, anger and despair on a sustained basis. 

The past few years and my covid-stay-at-home-schedule made the importance of interconnectivity clear to me.  As human beings we can (and we need to) work to connect with ourselves as well as others consciously, and with our whole hearts.

In pre-covid times my modus operandi was ‘going at it alone’, ‘powering through’ and ‘buckling down’.  No longer! Or at least when I shift into this emotional minefield  I am more likely to see the narrow-minded (operating from scarcity) attitude that infuses this head (and heart) space.  

 As human beings we can get things-that-matter done if we choose to.

Becoming empowered means making conscious emotional and thoughtful choices with our whole hearts in order to engage with ourselves and the world around us.

Whoa!  Now let’s see where that takes us. 

Pick a particularly ‘sticky’ situation in your pantheon of pet peeves. 

Take a few minutes in your day to consciously (remember this is about choice!) take the time to note when and where this ‘sticky’ situation comes up and what sorts of sensations, feelings and thoughts appear around this sinkhole.  

Just notice. That is all you need to do for now.  No judgement.  Keep an open heart and an open mind. Nothing ‘good’ or ‘bad’ about it.  It. Just. Is. Just notice. That’s all. Trust me on this.

Locate this sticky situation spatially.  Is it in your house – kitchen?  Bathroom? Your desk? Mirror? Car? At work?

Sensual Practice stickers are up and ready to go! Head over to natures to download a page of Sensual Practice stickers to remind you to Breathe and Be With (sticky situations require stickers!).  

Download these reminders on sticky paper or use tape and scissors to cut and post anywhere you need to be reminded to take a breath or two (or three) in order to respond to this hunted-animal-feeling with compassion and care.  Give yourself the space to notice with kindness, compassion and care. 

You are practicing in order to learn how to ‘take care’ of yourself.

You can use this mantra (“Say Yes” : Earth Chapter) from Nature’s Narrative (book) to engage in a few conscious breaths. 

This may not be easy.  

Actually, it’s hard work. 

Give yourself permission to feel what you are feeling –  completely.  Practice going into dialogue with what is happening: with your own fears and insecurities with compassion and care.  Share a photo with all of us of how you use your sticky situations reminders via Instagram (@natures.narrative.six.elements) or Facebook (@Nature’s Narrative) or just hit reply to this email.

You are an adult now, you can do this.  Let me know how this goes.  You are not alone. 

That much I’ve learned. 

I am so grateful for your steady support. Stay warm. Stay safe.  And keep connecting with yourself. Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you soon – in whatever form that takes.

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