Earth Eggs in the Dragon’s Nest

This launch could never have been realized without a small fleet of powerful, loving women who have supported me and Nature’s Narrative along the way. A deep bow (and many, many hugs) to all of you for your vision and heart. Our pulse beats as one.

Dragons Nest Academy now houses Dragons Work: Ground & Nourish Course (with more to come!) along with a Free Earth Offering also taken from Earth Element Practice. The meditations (seated and movement) as well as use of botanicals (recipes and application) and journalling practices are a full sensory package designed to address anxiety, insecurity, as well as issues of scarcity and lack.

You may prefer to explore the nest through the free Earth Offering which includes a PDF for the Earth Element Chapter (Chapter One of Nature’s Narrative: Well-Being in Body, Speech & Mind) as well as a drawing practice (Earth Mandala) and an Earth yoga practice offered by one of my students – Heather Hane. A guide is also included to support you in setting up your nest for home practice along with recipes for Earth Element botanical blends (also taken from the book).

Dragons Nest Academy is named in part because we are – at bottom – working with our DNA. Many of you have heard of the science of epigenetics.

“…understanding epigenetics and epigenomics—the genome wide distribution of epigenetic changes—will be essential in work related to many other topics requiring a thorough understanding of all aspects of genetics, such as stem cells, cloning, aging, synthetic biology, species conservation, evolution, and agriculture.”

-Epigenetics: The Science of Change

Dragons Nest Academy(DNA) sits at the center of our efforts to ‘reprogram’ patterns of reactivity and habits of mind – not only in relation to ourselves but in relation to family systems (ancestral healing) in order to release ancestral trauma that we may be carrying forward without being fully conscious of the burdens these traumas place on ourselves and our loved ones.

This ‘reprogramming’ is done in the safety of your home where you set up your tools – including your oils – to enable you to both settle and ground (earth energy) as well as inquire (contemplative inquiry) into which behaviors, thoughts, feelings and sensations are serving you and which are not.

With practice and with this (felt & embodied) inner knowledge you are now in a position to make the changes that you choose and not those that were chosen (perhaps with the best of intent!) for you. You begin to respond rather than react. This is what many of my students tell me they are seeking when they come to my classes: freedom.

Your nest is found wherever you are. But you do need to consciously cultivate that space with clarity and intent. Once learned, Ground & Nourish practices are available at any time of day or night – while waiting for an elevator, siting behind the wheel of your car in traffic, or in the middle of an argument with your partner.

Use Earth Element botanicals during your day (Vetiver, Sandalwood, Ginger, Cedarwood, Yang-Ylang and Clove) to bring you into the pure presence of nature – your nature! These oils remind us naturally to ground and to bring yourself ‘home’ to your body.

I consider these oils as the soma of Dragons Work.

My partner in Dragons Nest Sanctuary – Ian Baker – is having a web seminar you may be interested in on Saturday, Oct 16 (USA time). He is a dynamic speaker with much to offer and has done a great deal of research on the role of soma in the practice of transcendence.

Earth Eggs in the Dragons Nest! With a kiss at the center (a geranium petal).

Now that I am working full-time with Nature’s Narrative some changes have taken place, not the least of which has been leaving the university after 15 years and taking a break from teaching at Haleakala Yoga Studio after a year and a half.

My home is awash in flowers!! And my heart is full. I have learned much over the years. I hope to infuse and share what I have learned in my relations with you.

We have much to look forward to dear hearts.

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