Dragons Work: Ground & Nourish

Holy Dragon Energy Batman!

Have you checked out my Dragon’s Work: Ground & Nourish Course Launched this year?

This is so exciting! So many wonderful openings and realizations, integrations and harmonizations, coincidences, magic and convergences have been flowing in, around and through me these past few weeks.

Truly, this process of developing an on-line school, offering courses, bonuses and support (as an embodied experience using our six senses) for those of us seeking to evolve and gain access to vitality, imagination, compassion, determination, abundance, courage, generosity and wisdom has been a HUGE learning opportunity for me.

After 20 years of university teaching I thought I had it all figured out. Back to kindergarten. Hugely humbling and at the same time wildly rewarding.

I am learning how to plow my own insecurities, blocks and hindrances back into the work itself. In this way I am my own student. This has been wholly unexpected and so completely satisfactory.

As I have been downloading my visions for Dragons Work over the past few weeks for the Nest – including videos, PDF’s, downloadable images, audios, and recipes for alchemical elixirs (botanicals), I have become my own teacher and my own student.

Teaching myself, learning from myself, teaching the teacher, learning from the student – it is as if a veil has been lifted that once divided me – from me.

What I am attempting to describe is imaged below; the uroboros. The uroboros instantiates the transcendence of binary relations (phenomenal world) into an ever-present unfolding of the eternal present (noumenal world).

That transcendence – this liberating vitality of a mutually enhancing six element family of forces – now THIS is worth sharing.

And these practices are offered in manageable, bite-sized pieces; one juicy element at a time. We start with the earth element:

Dragons Work: Ground & Nourish

This course is all about building your own nest and meeting your own dragon (each of us has our very own dragon) in the privacy of your home. At this stage your dragon is only a pup – but she will grow!

This is what the nest is for – a safe place for you to meet, greet and grow together with your dragon.

You have come into this life ‘to make sense’ of who you are and to engage with the elemental forces that constitute you. These chthonic, elemental forces are what animate you. They are your dragon. The more you understand your dragon – and the more you feel your dragon – the more access you gain onto happiness, joy and vitality.

This is all within you.

Your dragon is within you. She is right here

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