Creating Sacred Space: Establishing a Site for Transforming Self

Your home is where you relax and rejuvenate – where you are most intimately at home with yourself and with those you love.

Your home is the body you inhabit.

Working with Nature’s Narrative is an opportunity for you to explore your interconnection between your own human nature and nature of our planet.  

Your nature and Mother Nature are one and the same. 

Your path is to open onto possibilities for further integration between the world ‘out there’ and the world ‘in here’.  Your home, family, your tribe as well as your sense of belonging/identity are the forces that ‘ground’ your existence. This is Earth Element.  In terms of Nature’s Narrative this ‘ground’ is your ‘home’. The earth is also your home. Without earth element (body, planet, home, family, community, tribe)  human beings cease to exist.

Why is my existence important?

Your existence is important because you (like the earth) are a manifestation of the sacred.  Wherever you come from, whatever your gender identity, cultural affiliation, however little or grand the material goods and services you have access to, you are – at bottom – energy.  

Quantum physics enables us all to agree that energy is the fabric of existence. You are energy that has taken form.  The dynamic of the cosmos manifests through you. 

What this means is that as human beings we are in a position to direct ourselves into dialogue with the energies that move through ourselves and that move through the cosmos.  According to Einstein (E=mc2), energy never disappears – energy transforms, morphs and vibrates constantly and consistently.  Because you are energy you power the universe as much as the universe powers you. You are in constant and dynamic relation with the cosmos.  This is your dignity and your birthright.  

Living in this awareness requires cultivation.

So how do I cultivate a sense of my own importance in the world?

You create an important space for you to be important.  In other words, you create a sacred space.  By creating a sacred space you are making your sacred nature apparent.  By creating a  sacred space you are directing your understanding and your intention to enter into relation with the sacred (your authenticity and the nature of who you are) and you are making that relation visible to the world you inhabit. 

Once you make this relation visible you have prepared a site for transformation.

How do I create the space to do this?

Creating a sacred space is a process.  Start where you are.

How does having a sacred space make my life better?

Understand that it is not your ‘life’ that will become ‘better’ but that your attention to the ways in which you engage with your life will become clearer.  Once you start to engage with clarity you are then in a position to act (make decisions, changes in lifestyle and reactive patterns) with an awareness that enables you to impact others as well as yourself in positive ways – instilling well-being in yourself and in the world at large.

Once this dynamic is engaged your are living joyously, the world enjoys you. This dynamic relation enlivens not only you but also the people who connect with you.  All of you can feel this.

Your life is vital. Embodying this awareness brings vitality. 

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