Conscious Rest

Hoping you are all discovering “conscious rest” as the weather continues to grow colder and – just as with all of nature that teems around us – we power down into a modality that supports rest and renewal.  

Rest is an activity, and to be truly healing, we do well to engage in rest consciously and actively.  

To engage actively in rest takes different forms; listening to music, stretching our bodies, reading, lying down on our bed or on the floor – but I think the most important point is to engage purposefully in the activity of rest itself. 

This is key; opening your mind to rest. Giving yourself 10 – 20 minutes and promising yourself that you will not spend these precious moments (moments!) planning. 

Allowing yourself room to breathe. Whatever arises – just letting it be.  Observing what is arising.  Just observing.  Simply being here to observe the play.  That is all. 

You can take this mantra to heart;  “Simply” (on the in-breath),  “Being” (on the out-breath) to help steady your attention to rest. If you fall asleep – that’s ok. Manage your time wisely but open your day to make space for simply being. 

The ability to rest is the ability to meet your presence in the process of simply being. 

Rest and empowerment go hand in hand. 

If you want to power up, you must understand how to power down.

Read more about the synergistic aspects of sensual and awareness practices in Nature’s Narrative blog- Preparation for Meditation & Mindfulness.

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