Clearing the obstacles to well-being

First off – a shout out of deep gratitude to all of you that are working on the in-depth practice of well-being for ourselves, our communities and our planet.Because there is no planet B. Yet without the discovery of our own well-being within ourselves we cannot be expected to whole-heartedly support the well-being of our communities and our planet.

One of the major reasons I wrote my book was to give a deeper understanding of yourself. Using a combination of meditation, mantra, mudra, chakras and essential oils diving into this work will guide you towards inner peace, balance and happiness.

If you are an essential oil user and/or advocate, each element chapter incorporates six – eight single oils in each element blend, diffuser and body oil (recipes included in each chapter) resulting in the use of a total of 26 single oils. This methodology enables oil users to take their time getting comfortable with the bioenergetic properties of single oils while engaging in the cosmology discussed in each of the six element chapters: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space and Conscious.

I am a firm believer in the synergistic powers of blending – and that applies to human beings as well as oils. We work better as a species when we cooperate with others because it is in the midst of cooperation that we realise our fullest potential. Unfortunately, egoistic thinking can separate us emotionally from others.

This emotional isolation is fertile ground for seeds of distrust and despair that – left unattended – can sprout and take over, becoming obstacles to well-being. In Japanese these obstacles are known as ‘kege’.

Clearing these obstacle to well-being is what Nature’s Narrative is all about. Self care – when done well – is one means to address these obstacles.

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