Reach for the Big Chair

The other day I texted a dear friend with a new discovery about neurodiversity and how to work with individuals on the spectrum.  The article I had discovered discussed stemming (a strategy used to deal with overwhelm); what stemming is, who manifests stemming and why stemming is useful. I read through the info, texted my […]

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The View is Grand

Yee-ha!  The heat and humidity of August has broken and the cooler climes of September are upon us. As I write this we are just hours away from the anniversary of the 9/11 event in America.  I am sure that each one of us who was old enough to walk has a clear memory of

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Dragons Work: Ground & Nourish

Holy Dragon Energy Batman! Have you checked out my Dragon’s Work: Ground & Nourish Course Launched this year? This is so exciting! So many wonderful openings and realizations, integrations and harmonizations, coincidences, magic and convergences have been flowing in, around and through me these past few weeks. Truly, this process of developing an on-line school,

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How do we get it? Can we get more of it happening in our lives? These are legitimate questions to ask – freely and without constraint.  Bliss can flood into our consciousness without warning.  But when that happens we may be unable to recreate the experience.  We forget what we felt.  Or it passes by

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Om-brella (Part II)

That person sitting comfortably in the chair is a man named Kûkai who lived in the 9th century in Japan. He has the om-brella we talked about in Part I (minus its central shaft) positioned above him. Kûkai is comfortable. He knows just what to do and he acts in the interests of others. What

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Interior Decorating

  If you are going to engage with yourself and world in ways that benefit both you and others the first place to start is with your home. For some of us that means our own body – for others that means the place you live – whether this be an apartment, house or something

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Facing Waves | Nature's Narrative | Barbara Seie

Facing Waves

Tsunami day?  Pour this calming, grounding and uplifting blend (10 mm. bottle) into a warm bath at the end of your day.  In a shower?  Apply  to a warm washcloth and inhale/apply to skin as needed. Petitgrain Copaiba Pimenta Berry (Allspice) Ginger Cedarwood Vetiver This blend is prepared in a 10 mm. bottle and topped

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The Big Everything

Navigating waves of stress in your life.  It’s overwhelming isn’t it?  You have to go to work, you have to have a ‘job’, you need to earn a living.  On top of that you want to do something meaningful, something you love and something that gets you out of bed in the morning with a

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