Sacred Space


How do we get it? Can we get more of it happening in our lives? These are legitimate questions to ask – freely and without constraint.  Bliss can flood into our consciousness without warning.  But when that happens we may be unable to recreate the experience.  We forget what we felt.  Or it passes by …

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Give yourself permission to feel what you are feeling –  completely.  

We are moving thorough so much.  With so much time spent at home I have had to confront fear, insecurity, anger and despair on a sustained basis.  The past few years and my covid-stay-at-home-schedule made the importance of interconnectivity clear to me.  As human beings we can (and we need to) work to connect with …

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Conscious Rest

Hoping you are all discovering “conscious rest” as the weather continues to grow colder and – just as with all of nature that teems around us – we power down into a modality that supports rest and renewal.   Rest is an activity, and to be truly healing, we do well to engage in rest …

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