Barbara Seie

On the Nature of Suffering

We all do it.  We all know it.  But what is it? Suffer comes from the French suffrir which comes from the Latin word sufferre; meaning sub (below) and ferr (to bear).  The English origin of the word ‘to suffer’ is ‘to bear from below’.  There is a sense of oppression involved in ‘to suffer’ – something heavy, something larger than …

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Understand What You're Feeling Through Sensual Practice which concerns me Barbara Seie Nature's Narrative

Understanding What You’re Feeling through Sensual Practice

Learn how to engage in each daily task as a means to gain balance and equanimity. Every moment is an opportunity for self care and kindness in the midst of stressful and chaotic times. Use the practice in this episode at work, use with family, use with colleagues and anyone close to you, including yourself! Learn to break out of autopilot to understand what you are feeling.

Om-brella (Part II)

That person sitting comfortably in the chair is a man named Kûkai who lived in the 9th century in Japan. He has the om-brella we talked about in Part I (minus its central shaft) positioned above him. Kûkai is comfortable. He knows just what to do and he acts in the interests of others. What …

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Om-brella (Part I)

There is a storm – no doubt about it. Covid-19 for starters. Whole neighbourhoods on lockdown. And now there are fires in the streets. Anger. Fear. Anxiety. Hatred. Violence. Death. Time for tools.  Let’s try an om-brella for starters. Your om-brella has a central shaft topped with fabric panels that terminate in tiny caps. There …

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