Nature’s Narrative is a direction, a project as well as a community.

As a direction, Nature’s Narrative is a path, an orientation to our human engagement with the world around us through which we pay attention to cultivating how we manifest and manage that engagement within ourselves.  ’Nature’ is the continuum that joins our own human nature with the ‘nature’ of our planet, the ‘natural’ world of plants, animals, rocks, water and soil and ultimately, the dynamics of the cosmos itself (six element thinking).

Without an engaged awareness of this continuum we remain isolated; fundamentally unhappy and alone, severed from the roots of our well-being in the mistaken belief that our own individual psyches are more important than the psyche of the cosmos which we encounter through six element practice and engagement.

As a project, Nature’s Narrative began as a book based on the author’s own encounter with the teachings of a Japanese scholar, artist, statesman and priest known as Kûkai (Kôbô Daishi) who lived in the 9th century and established Mt. Kôya (Wakayama Prefecture) as the spiritual center for Shingon Vajrayâna Buddhism today.  

Fluent in Sanskrit and Chinese, Kûkai based his thinking regarding the realization of human potential on an understanding of the six elements: earth, water, fire, air, space and consciousness,  These elements are in dynamic relation with both our inner world (chakra energy centers) and the cosmos (physics, biology and the science of natural processes).  

Nature’s Narrative Project is based on the premise that through conscious engagement and practice we can access innate processes within ourselves and the world at large that augment (and at times ignite!) our own inner potential for well-being.  Nature and natural processes as found within and without our physical bodies speak. 

Nature is a narrative that we can all hear, read and understand once we take the time to befriend ourselves and the natural world around us.

Dragon’s Nest Sanctuary on the island of Ko Samui in Southern Thailand is the home of Nature’s Narrative Project and our nest that offers rest, renewal and the impetus to continue in the direction of service to humanity, to the planet we inhabit, and to the cosmos that speaks through each and every one of us.

It is at Dragon’s Nest Sanctuary (DNS) that we, as both teachers and students, gather in community to meditate, to pay attention to health (eating and exercise), to rest and to rejuvenate while interacting with each other in conversation, discussion and fellowship in order to understand who we are as human beings and how we can employ our self-understanding to serve the needs of the world around us.

As a community we make every effort to recognize and respond to the needs of all manifestations of gender, race and class (caste).  While the roots of the project lie in a Vajrayâna Buddhist framework, we are non-denominational in our devotion to the evolution of the human species, whenever, wherever, and however we manifest.

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