About Nature's Narrative


Well-Being in Body, Speech and Mind

The purpose of Nature’s Narrative is to enable readers to engage in the process of well-being, to practice the consciousness of well-being on a daily basis and to do so with a sense of purpose that speaks to both themselves, to their communities and to the planet as a whole.

The most basic problem for some is that they don’t know what the problem is! They don’t know what to do or where to start.

What they do know is that they feel disempowered, and yet the more they struggle to empower themselves (gain access to money, material gain, sex/love) the less empowered they feel - or the feeling of empowerment is brief and they find themselves back where they began.

Somewhere in the depths of this fog of unknowing is a faint light that directs them toward this book and to a world of healing that is brought into concrete relation to themselves through practice, movement and oil applications that they can accomplish on their own.

You're here because you are aware that something is ‘off’ and that there is a need for something in your life that is alluding you.

You want to address this need.

You want evidence for what works. This is not a another New Age movement, but for those interested in a science of the spirit.

You are aware of the environmental crisis and want to do something but aren't sure about what to do and where to start.

What you do know is that you want to feel better, want the world to be better, and want the planet to be better.


Enabling others to have a clearer sense of who they are

Barbara S. Morrison


Having been a student (philosophy, Japanese and English literature), artist (oils, encaustics, mixed media), business woman (commercial real estate, headhunting and consulting services), cleric (Shingon Buddhism), meditator (MMTCP) and professor (culture & gender studies at a Japanese national university), these incarnations and the skills they have provided all came together to produce Nature's Narrative.

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